Bond Bank / Indianapolis Airport Authority –Redacted Questions and Answers for Interim Financing RFP (12-07-2017)

Bond Bank / Indianapolis Airport Authority – RFP & Bids for Letters of Credit to Support Subordinate Commercial Paper, Lines of Credit or Other Interim Funding Vehicles (11-21-2017)

ILPIBB Moody’s Affirms City of Indianapolis Aaa Issuer Rating (October 2017)

Bond Bank-RFP for Short Term New Money Financing Services (BOND BANK RFP-CJC-2017-005) (8-3-2017)

Bond Bank-LJF Community Justice Campus – RFQ for Design Design Criteria…(6-9-2017)

Fitch rates $70MM AD VALOREM TAX BONDS Series 2017 AAA 1

ILPIBB General Obligation  2017A & B- The first bond issue of 2017 assisted four Qualified Entities to raise $71.325 million

ILPIBB Moody’s – Indianapolis Airport Authority Rating 2016A-1

ILPIBB  S&P – Indianapolis Airport Authority 2016A Rating

ILPIBB/Airport Authority  Refunding Bond Series 2016 Fitch Rating 2016A-1

KBRA  General Obligation Bonds Ratings Letter 2015

Moody’s highlights Indy’s continued Job Growth and Bolstering Economy but cautions continued operating budget pressures that pose significant long-term hurdles – 8.31.2015, Moody’s Investor Services, Issue In-Depth

Indy Wins Triple-A on Stormwater Debt – 7.27.2015, The Bond Buyer

Standard & Poor’s Rating Services Raises its Rating on Bond Bank’s Existing Stormwater Senior-Lien Bonds to ‘AAA’ – 7.21.2015

Fitch Rates Indianapolis Local Public Improvement Bond Bank (Health & Hospital Corp.), IN 2015B Series Rfdg Bonds “AA+” – 6.8.2015

Standard & Poor’s Raises Rating on Bond Bank’s Marion County Convention and Recreation Facilities Authority’s (MCCRFA) Senior Obligation Bonds – 6.8.2015

Indianapolis Launches New Investor Outreach Site, Report – 5.16.2015, The Bond Buyer

Cities, towns see historic savings on bond refinancings – 5.16.2015, Indianapolis Business Journal

Indianapolis Bond Bank Launches New Website – 5.18.2015

Indianapolis is on Moody’s Ratings List of Successful US Cities

Press Release – Fitch Affirms Indianapolis Local Public Improvement Bond Bank IN Series 2007D 2008A 2013B 2013C Bonds – 01-29-2015

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Community Justice Campus Updates:

Addendum No. 1 – Questions and Answers (BOND BANK RFQ-LJF-2017-004)

Addendum No. 2 – Pre-Response Meeting Attendance List (BOND BANK RFQ-LJF-2017-004)

04-28-17 CJC Project Funding Timeline

01-9-17 Task Force Recommendations Summary

12-1-16 Criminal Justice Reform Task Force – Report Summary


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